YS-ZDZK-320Y Continuous stretch hard tray packer



Suitable for tray seal packaging

For chilled meat,cooked food,vegetables and fruits,snack,cake,dairy product,

Bean product,aquatic product,poultry,etc

Continuous stretch hard tray packer
Model YS-ZDZK-320Y
Upper film width 293mm
Lower film width 322mm
Upper film thickness 0.08-0.15mm
Lower film thickness 0.2-0.6mm
Upper film roll outer dia. 250mm
Lower film roll outer dia. 350mm
upper film roll core shaft dia. 76mm(3")
lower film roll core shaft dia. 76mm(3")
working speed 200-400cycle/h
Total power 12Kw
Heating power 8Kw
Compressed air pressure > 0.6Mpa
Air consumption 0.8-1m³/min
Vacuum capability 100m³/h
Power 380V,50HZ,3P5H
Machine size 4500×1030×1900mm
Weight 1500Kg

Applicable film:

upper film :PP film,aluminum plastic film

Lower film:PP,PET,PVC,PS,etc


1.Color film positioning system

2。Vacuum and gas-fill system

3.Coding system

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